Friday, November 27, 2009

Something to Sneeze at

When I'm surfing the web, I never pay any attention to advertisements on the sides of pages; they're invariably for some miracle weight loss plan, teeth whitening, or ultra-low mortgage rates (hmmm, maybe I do pay attention to them?). Anyway. I never click on them. But today I saw something so intriguing that not only did I click on the ad, but I was inspired to write a spontaneous blog post!

I'm talking about AllerMates: medical ID tags for kids with allergies featuring an amazing cast of characters! Now you can send little Tommy off to school wearing a set of dog tags alerting everyone to his food allergies:

Or, make a fashion statement with a wristband featuring the offending foodstuff:

The AllerMates include all the usual offenders:

Professor Wheatly

Soy Cool




P. Nutty

It's too bad that everything says "allergy" on it. I for one, would certainly wear a Professor Wheatly bracelet. I can imagine that kids will begin to fake allergies just to wear these cool characters. Kids will probably collect and trade the dog tags. The website indicates that a variety of other products will be coming next year including plush toys, stickers, lunch boxes, and epi-pen holders. That last one isn't so much fun, but I know I could face the possibility of anaphylactic shock a lot better with a cute character like P. Nutty on my wrist!

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