Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Say To-mah-to

Whether you say to-may-to or to-mah-to, everyone can agree that packages of tomatoes are much more appealing when emblazoned with a cheery mascot. There seems to be something about grape tomatoes in particular that calls out for a spokes-tomato. I've previously posted two other examples of grape tomato mascots, and now I've come across three more:

Mr. Tasty Grape Tomato looks like a regular Yankee Doodle Dandy!

Old King Grape looks like a merry old soul.

And who wouldn't pick Tom, Matt, and Otto when authentic grape tomatoes are required?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Veg Side Story

One thing I like as much as anthropomorphic food is a good Broadway or movie musical. Sadly, few musicals incorporate singing food. And why not? Broadway couldn't get any worse than it is today. Leave it to Sesame Street to remedy the situation. Here is their production of Veg Side Story:

Courtesy of Sesame Street on YouTube.

I would pay good money to see the rest of this show on Broadway!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution Solutions

Happy New Year 2011 and welcome to the fifth year of Food with Eyes! The beginning of a new year is traditionally the time to make resolutions to improve one's life, but those resolutions often go by the wayside in just a few days or weeks. So here are a few items featuring food with eyes that just might help you stick to those resolutions:

For those of you who have vowed improved oral hygiene for 2011, I have two suggestions. First is an adorable cup from Paperchase. It would be perfect for your Lavoris or Listerine.

Next, for good oral hygiene on the go, try these Ranch Flavored Toothpicks from Accoutrements:

Or perhaps your resolution is to "Go Green" this year. Your fellow shoppers at the Piggly Wiggly will be green with envy when they see you packing your groceries into this Mr. Bacon and Mr. Egg bag (also from Accoutrements): 

For those of you who have been unlucky in love, you may have resolved to find Mr./Ms. Right in 2011. When getting ready for a night on the town, be sure to stash your cosmetics in this food-filled bag from Paperchase:

And when you need to set just the right ambiance for a date with a potential mate, it's best to have a Mr. Bacon Air Freshener (Accoutrements) close by. Who can resist the smell of frying bacon?

Of course, the most common resolution is to eat better and lose weight. Even though most people really do know which foods to eat and which to avoid to achieve this goal, it is still the most difficult of resolutions to keep. So the next time you're facing an inner struggle between eating a corndog or a bunch of steamed broccoli, don't keep it all inside. Work out your conflict with these Captain Corndog and Baron Von Broccoli bendable figures (Accoutrements):

Here they are, ready to do battle. I can't help rooting for that dashing scamp, Captain Corndog, even though I know the dastardly-looking, yet antioxidant-rich, Baron Von Broccoli should be the favorite. I don't think the Baron stands a chance.

But wait, the Baron has mustered his phytochemical-filled friends to help him out. Things don't look so good for Captain Corndog now.

Whatever your resolution for 2011, I hope you achieve it (preferably with the use of anthropomorphic food). What is my resolution, you ask? To post more often to this blog, of course! And where did these wonderful resolution-helpers all come from? From that noted blogger and pop culture historian, Maria of Curly Wurly, who has an uncanny ability to find the perfect gift for every occasion!