Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. Pizz-Ahh!

For some reason I forgot to post this before, but last summer we got a flyer for a new pizza place in town. Now the last thing the town I live in needs is yet another pizza place, but this one caught my eye because of their great mascot, Mr. Pizz-Ahh!:

At my insistence, we went to check it out. After seeing the pizza available, it seemed Mr. Pizz-Ughh! had replaced Mr. Pizz-Ahh! so we actually didn't stay. But I did snap a picture of their delivery van:

I think he's one of the better mascots I've seen lately. And I love that his feet are subs (or hoagies as I prefer to call them). Perhaps we'll give him another try someday.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Food Friends

Once again my sister Maria of Curly Wurly has outdone herself in the anthropomorphic food gift department! I haven't even finished profiling the birthday presents I received from her this year, and now there are Christmas presents to share!

First is this wonderful oven mitt from Paperchase featuring their adorable "Food Friends" design. Here's one side:

And the other:

Just look at all those smiling faces!

Next is a useful and super-cute folding tote bag. Here it is in its tiny pouch:

And unfolded:

A close-up of the pattern:

It's hard to decide which Food Friend is my favorite! I like the ice cream cone a lot, and the pizza slice. And the scallion. And the watermelon. And the pineapple...

There is also a set of stickers featuring all the characters, but I'm going to save them for National Sticker Month (April). Thank you, Maria!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ketch Update

Regular readers may recall last year's post about the Heinz Ketchup Creativity Contest which solicited drawings from school kids to appear on ketchup packets. On a recent trip to Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) I was fortunate enough to come across some other winners!

Here's one by Melissa R., a 5th grader from Queens, NY. A ketchup rock star crowd surfs over his French fry fans:

Here's a cute one from Kerri S., an 8th grader from Washington, PA:

And here's a caped catsup crusader by 3rd grader Julie K. of North Olmsted, OH:

Be sure the check out the Winners' Gallery for more great designs. It's worth noting that the proportion of anthropomorphic drawings has increased each year. It's hard to know if that reflects a change in the submissions or the tastes of the judges. At any rate, I think more food with eyes is always better! This year promises an even more exciting contest with the grand prize winner being featured on an actual ketchup bottle! Kids, get your crayons ready!