Sunday, April 24, 2011

National Sticker Month 2011

Although April is rapidly drawing to a close, I didn't want to let National Sticker Month pass us by without highlighting a few food with eyes stickers. This shiny beauties came from my favorite down-market dollar store, the Yankee One Dollar Store.

Here we have a sheet of some cheerful fruits. But look closer... that banana is eating a banana!

Here is another sheet of more fruit, but without the cannibalism:

And the third sheet is a bit more unusual. While I can identify a cherry, tomato, and corn, there are 4 other fruits (?) that are more obscure. I think there are two varieties of melons plus a seductive papaya in the middle. But the real mystery is the prickly fruit on the bottom left. I think it is a breadfruit or a jackfruit?