Saturday, November 21, 2009

Food Marks the Spot

Last week I was delighted to receive a birthday package from Curly Wurly brimming with wonderful surprises! As usual, she has the knack for finding just the right gift, and I'll be sharing some of those with you here.

First, I was excited to find the bookmarks (or "magnetic page clips" as they call themselves) that I had admired a few months ago!

These kawaii cuties are by Paperchase. I'm looking forward to using them, but I will be sure to heed the ominous warning on the back about just what magnets can do to your intestines if swallowed.

Being a bookmark aficionado I naturally like to give them to others, and handcrafted bookmarks were often among the gifts I made as a child. Here's an early example of a mixed media (paint, yarn, felt, paper from Tastykake package) bookmark featuring three peas in a pod:

I've collected bookmarks for as long as I can remember, and the nice thing about a bookmark collection is that a 38 year accumulation still fits in the top drawer of my nightstand. I try to match the bookmark to the book I'm reading. These new bookmarks will be perfect for when I sit down with For Whom the Bell Pepper Tolls, Jane Pear, or The Grape Gatsby! Thanks, Curly Wurly!

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Maria said...

You're very welcome, Lushie Peach! I love your handmade bookmark! You could use that when you're reading A Separate Peas!