Sunday, August 5, 2007

Maltee and Mrs. Shake

Yesterday, my husband and I took a leisurely drive through the Mohawk Valley of Central NY to explore some decaying manufacturing towns along the Mohawk River. Ever vigilant for food with eyes, I spotted two great examples. The first was in the window of a printing store in the town of Herkimer (best known for its cheese and quartz “diamonds”). The window display featured an array of antique printing equipment. In the middle was a large plate for an advertisement. As I looked more closely, I realized engraving was of two popsicles and an ice cream sandwich skiing!

Regrettably, my photos didn’t come out very well, but the gist of the ad involves adding Maltee malted milk powder to ice cream treats to make them more appealing in the off-season. Here’s a reversed enlargement:

The text reads: Do your novelties hibernate in cold weather? Here’s a tip – give them a hypo – a Maltee Hypo!! Maltee products are easy to make. Maltee powder is used like any flavor. No change in mix formula required. Maltee crunch floats in the chocolate coating. Build your cold weather sales with Maltee products. Children love malted milk. Extrax Co.

In nearby Mohawk we stumbled upon Mrs. Shake, a small ice cream parlor/restaurant. Of course, this demanded a stop for a photo. And since we stopped the car anyway, why not get some ice cream?

Mrs. Shake is a great original character, and her image graced the sign and door. Although the interior was lacking food with eyes, the yummy homemade ice cream made up for that. Be sure to stop by if you're ever in Mohawk, NY.