Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They Call Me MISTER Shivers!

Once again, my sister Maria of Curly-Wurly has outdone herself in the anthropomorphic food gift department! On a recent visit, she presented me with the most wonderful refrigerator magnet: Mister Shivers!

At 14 inches tall, Mister Shivers is not your ordinary refrigerator magnet. He looks to be strawberry (?) soft serve, and in a common but disturbing food with eyes theme, he is about to eat a smaller version of himself. He is made by Accoutrements and has a few companions pictured on the back of his package:

Upon bringing Mister Shivers home, I had to carefully weigh the options of the best place for him to reside. We sadly have a trendy, non-magnetic stainless steel refrigerator, so he could not have the place of honor in the kitchen. I then thought about having him adorn my car:

Although I liked both the door and hood locations, I was too concerned that someone would steal him to chance it. After all, If I had seen a car with Mister Shivers on it, I would have been awfully tempted to take him. So in the end I decided he would fit best on the washing machine in my retro-themed laundry room:

Now he sits there happily among other food-themed magnets, poised to lick his chocolate cone.