Sunday, April 13, 2008

Start a New Trend

The most popular stickers of the '80s sticker craze were surely scratch 'n sniff stickers, and the most popular scratch 'n sniff stickers were definitely Trend's Stinky Stickers. Most pictured an anthropomorphized representation of the smell they featured, although there were some exceptions (rainbow?). Rather than scan each sticker, here is the 1983 Stinky Stickers catalog with checklist:

Front cover (when folded):

Back cover:

Dated 11/83. I turned 12 that month. I have a feeling that 12 year-old-kids today would not be interested in collecting stickers.

Some albums:

More album options:

I never used these types of albums since I preferred to keep my stickers on the backings.

The checklist, page 1 (Click for larger view. Feel free to print out. Sorry about the existing check marks.):

The checklist, page2:

And the order form:
Only $0.99 a pack! At this point there were 88 different scents. Just a year later, 104 were available, according to Bubbledog's comprehensive guide. I had 74 of the original 88 stickers. A couple years ago I picked up three sheets for a total of 77.

Candy mint:



These newer acquisitions are on glossier paper, not the matte finish of the originals. All include the Trend copyright. Curiously, I recall that stickers with the copyright were more desirable than ones without, although I now see that those without the Trend were the earlier printings.

Trend still does make Stinky Stickers, but the characters aren't the same and kids don't bother to collect them anymore.


Waffle Whiffer [Brandon] said...

These are great. I've seen many of them before, but didn't know about their origin.

I don't know about the *ketchup*ec scratch-n-sniff. Yuk!

Lushie Peach said...

They were scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of the scents (maybe they even had a bottom-of-the-barrel scented one!). The ketchup one barely smells, actually. I think the glossier paper didn't retain the smell as well as the original matte ones.