Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gaga for Yaya

One of the best things about Vancouver is its large Asian population. In addition to great restaurants, this means an abundance of stores selling Asian imports you just don't see outside of large metropolitan areas. My favorite was a Japanese one-to-three dollar store called Yoko-Yaya123. NabiscoMan waited patiently while I perused this store's large stock not just once, but twice. Knowing I had limited room in my luggage, I was able to contain myself and came away with just a few choice items including the following:

Adorable vegetable lunch box dividers:

Outside of the packaging:
Each strip is thin, clear plastic to separate and decorate your lunch.
And to make your lunch even cuter, some tiny mayonnaise containers:

Out of the package:

Each one is only two inches long and has a tiny spoon for dispensing mayonnaise or other condiments. Why can't American products be this cute?

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