Sunday, May 22, 2011

Eye Candy

Here's a new crop of gumball/candy machines featuring food with eyes!

First, a variation on Nitwitz, this time with Kooky Bananas:

Next, the ominously-named Sweet Revenge Secret Flavored Candy:
Perhaps red is orange-flavored, yellow is grape, blue is lemon. Or perhaps its something much more insidious than that...

And last, this cool Limeade bubble gum guy:

I found the first two candy machines in the entryway of Best Buy. As I was taking the pictures, a big dumb guy started making fun of me! Is is really remarkable to see a 39-year-old woman taking pictures of anthropomorphic characters on gumball machines with an iPhone?? I ignored him, but later wished I had the presence of mind to offer him a Sweet Revenge Secret Flavored Candy (with the hope that it turned out to be manure, vomit, mold, rotting flesh or the like).


Maria said...

I always liked those banana candies because they look like perfect miniature bananas!

I love the Sweet Revenge graphic. That is one menacing posse!

I can't believe some guy made fun of you! What should he care what you're taking a picture of?! I hope he bought the wrong overly expensive cords!! (wait, are you related to the person who was making fun of you?)

Lushie Peach said...

No, this was some jerk that was going into the store. I bet he was a bully in high school. I hope he bought the wrong cables, too!