Monday, April 6, 2009

Kitchen Seals

These stickers are made Korea and the only words in English on the packaging are "Kitchen Seal." I've surmised that they are actually labels for kitchen items like salt, pepper, and soy sauce.

Click to get a close-up view of these cuties. I especially like the egg with its mouth open and the milk carton. Funny how the food items are labeled in English. I'm not sure what the yellow rounded guy is, though. Any guesses?


Maria said...

I love these! I had decided that the yellow bottle was mayonnaise, though I don't think of mayonnaise as being an Asian condiment. I think I saw similar bottles referred to as containers for mayonnaise when I was looking at bento box supplies. What else could be that creepy color of yellow?

Lushie Peach said...

I hadn't thought of mayonnaise. It's not a very efficient bottle design - unless they always have legs.

HIDE said...

At first this seal is made in Japan not a product made in Korea.
The yellow guy is mayonnaise.
The mayonnaise is not in the carafe in Japan and I squeeze it by hand and get possible to start it from a container directly.