Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's Go Out to the Kitchen!

Back when I first heard about YouTube, one of the very first things I searched for was my all-time favorite commercial: a milk ad from the '90s featuring singing and dancing snacks advising viewers to "go out to the kitchen and have ourselves a snack." After months of searching periodically, my patience was finally rewarded. Thanks to rachelkillsemo we can all enjoy it again:

Not only do I love this for the food with eyes, but also because they are dancing through a great 1950s kitchen very similar to my grandparent's kitchen.

This commercial was, of course, a take off on the classic '50s movie theater intermission commercial which can also be found on YouTube:

Courtesy of VoodooSlag on YouTube

And check out this take on it from The Simpson's Movie DVD:

Courtesy of youbeabea on YouTube

Well, I'm off to the kitchen for a snack now!

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