Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nestle Toll House Morsel Family

Taking a cue from the impressive success of the Del Monte Country Yumkins, Nestle followed suit and created its own line of Toll House Morsels plush characters in 1984. The family consisted of:

Semi-Sweetie, a traditional morsel
The Morsel Family Mom. She’s so sweet you can’t help but love her…especially when she’s baking her family’s favorite treat: Nestle Toll House Cookies.

L’il Bits, a mini morsel
The Morsel Family Baby
She’s so tiny, so cute, so sweet – she’s impossible to resist. Give her lots of love…and anything sprinkled with Nestle Little Bits!

Scotchy, a butterscotch morsel
The Morsel Family’s Favorite Uncle
This “butter”-scotch uncle keeps the whole clan happy with one tasty idea: Baking his special Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies.

Milky, a milk chocolate morsel
The Morsel Family’s Country Cousin. “Back to Basics!” Milky always says. That’s why nothing will do for him but the old-fashioned goodness of his favorite homemade candy: Chocolate Almond Bark

and P.Nutty, the peanut butter morsel
The Morsel Family Clown
He ran away to join the circus…and that’s where he learned all his favorite tricks! Like juggling peanuts. And baking magical Peanut Butter Burst cookies.

Like the Yumkins, one had to submit product labels to receive the characters. These toys were also made by Trudy and had a descriptive hang-tag with a profile of each character. A special thanks to my sister for the use of Semi-Sweetie and L’il Bits, the only ones we were able to obtain in 1984. Obviously our family ate more vegetables than chocolate chip cookies…

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Tanz_Fanatika said...

I still have my childhood Li'l Bits. She's adorable.